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Our Facilities
Our Facilities

List of Facilities available

Material Handling: (Click for details.)

Machine Shop
  • 60 ton EOT crane.
  • 10 ton Electric Hoist and 20 ton HOT crane.

Coil Making Facilities: (Click for details.)

coil stretching machine
  • Multi-turn Diamond Type Pulled Stator Coils for Generator and Motors.
  • Single-turn Stator Bars for Hydro and Thermal Generators.
  • Automatic Stator Coil Taping Machine.
  • Field Coils for Hydro Generators and Synchronous Motors.
  • Hot Air Oven with temperature control.

Testing & Measuring Instruments: (Click for details.)

test equips
  • Electrical
    Surge Comparison Tester, AC HV Kit, DC HV Kit, Liquid Dielectric Test Kit, Tan Delta Kit, Megohm Meter (Motor), Megohm Meter (Digital), Megohm Meter (Hand), Digital Micro-ohm Meter, Auto Transformer, Digital Multimeter, Clamp On Digital Meter, Anemometer, Sound Level Meter, Oscilloscope, DC Source, Potential Transformer, Current Transformer.
  • tan delta kit
  • Mechanical
    MITUTOYO (JAPAN) make, GMT (INDIA) make, Britool (UK) make and important tool room kits.

Machine Shop Facilities: (Click for details.)

  • Lathes.
  • Horizontal Boring Machine.
  • Universal Milling Machine.
  • Radial Drilling Machine.
  • Hydraulic Surface Grinder.
  • Cylindrical Grinding Machine.
  • Planing Machine.
  • Dynamic Balancing Machine.
  • Hydraulic Press.
  • TIG Welding Machine.
  • MIG Welding Machine.
  • Plasma Cutting Machine.
  • Portable Tools.
  • Hoists, Chain Pulley Blocks.
Workshop with Refurbished motor stacked
mach shop collage